Industry Update January 6th, 2018

Great Meeting on Regulations

We would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting on January 4th to discuss the rules and regulations with the plant board. We would also like to thank everyone who showed interest and support on Facebook and other platforms.

We were very impressed with the plant board’s willingness to cooperate and hear out each and every concern. We are confident that the next draft of the regulations will be much more sensible and permit a greater extent of research to be done in 2018.

The Next Steps

The plant board is now working on incorporating the suggested edits from the meeting into the next draft of the regulations. From there, a public hearing will be held to discuss this next draft.

Once agreed upon, the rules will be sent to the Industrial Hemp Committee Board to be finalized and promulgated.

Legislative approval will be required in order to successfully implement the regulations.

Once this is done, a policy guide that further details the regulations will be written and released.

The plant board has informed us that they aim to start accepting applications sometime between late March to mid April.

Interested in Researching Hemp in 2018?

If you are interested in getting into the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program for the coming season, you should start putting together your research proposal.

Remember that the purpose of the program is to add knowledge about industrial hemp that can be used to further develop the industry in the future. For more information on what is known about hemp in the scientific literature, see our hemp research section.


Thanks again for everyone who has shown support for our group. Without you, the hemp industry in Arkansas would not exist! We can’t wait to see what all 2018 brings.

Best of luck!


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