Plant Board Meeting January 30th 9:30 AM

The Arkansas State Plant Board is holding their second meeting to discuss industrial Hemp. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and review the second draft of regulations.

The meeting will be held at the Plant Board office at 1 Natural Resources Drive Little Rock, AR at 9:30 AM.

Read the second draft here.

We hope to see everyone there!



2 Replies to “Plant Board Meeting January 30th 9:30 AM”

  1. Caleb & I hate that we weren’t able to make it down to this meeting. Did we miss anything good? Looking forward to seeing the new changes to the draft & hearing when the next meeting will be!

    Also, we are excited to see the Hemp Research portion of your site up & full of great links! It’s a wonderful resource for those like us who are working away on their Research Proposals. There are a lot of non reputable sites to sift through when searching the web about with this hot topic. Thank you!

    1. Hi Emily! The meeting last week was uneventful. It was mostly just Mary Smith reading the final draft of the rules and regulations to the industrial hemp committee and them approving them.
      Thank’s so much for you guys’ interested in the program! I can’t wait to see where you guys go with it this year!

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