About Us

The Arkansas Hemp Association (AHA) is a 501 (c) (6) membership-based trade organization that represents the hemp industry in Arkansas and all of its participants. Our mission is to promote and encourage the growth of the state’s industry through research, development, education, and policy. We are dedicated to protecting the environment, creating new economic opportunities, and putting power back into the hands of American farmers. Our goal is to exist as a resource for farmers, processors, businesses, and legislatures to catalyze and facilitate the emergence of a new industry in Arkansas by providing information and helping to connect industry players with one another.

Agriculture is a huge part of Arkansas’ economy, with 97% of their 49,346 farms being family owned. Industrial hemp is a crop that could easily be incorporated into planting rotations to add diversity and provide new opportunities for farmers. As the market demand for hemp products continues to increase year after year, we are devoted to helping people become a part of the new thriving industry.